The ecumenical chapel and the Centre were inaugurated on 6th September 1978, in the presence of the Bishop of Basle, Mgr. Anton Hänggi, the pastor Jakob Frei from Kappel and the Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Emilianos Timiadis of the Eumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople at the World Council of Churches in Geneva.  

The ‘broken cross’ by Josuy Bösch symbolises, based on the Franciscan cross of Saint Damien, not the crucified but  resurrected.  Bösch wrote on this subject: "Triangle, disc, circle, figure of the standing man, when God and man are one once again.  Simple and clear, without ambiguity.  We were thought of thus from the beginning.  Standing, not bent and folded. Not crucified, not sacrificed. Resurrected." (Link)


The tabernacle is a work by Silvia Magnin-D’Altri. The centre received the gift of an orthodox icon.

In 2008, the chapel was repainted.  We can see it today simple and unaffected.  The four golden points on the back wall represent the four gospels.  They recall the structure of the ceiling and are therefore the symbol that connects heaven and earth.

The ecumenical chapel is accessible at any times.